Why I Started My Blog

When asked by friend or regular readers why I started my blog, at first I wasn’t sure how to respond. After all, there are plenty of medical journals online outlining my disorder and the various treatments available. Why did I find it so important to share my own personal journey?

First, I wanted to put a human face on the disorder and to let other sufferers know that they are not alone. For those who are newly diagnosed, I wanted them to see my happy marriage and healthy children and know that they could have the same. I felt it was important to show that a diagnosis is not necessary a life sentence of being alone and miserable as is often reported.

Also, I started my health blog initially because so many of my friends and family were calling for constant updates. By placing all the information in a central location, everyone could find out about new test results or my new medication regimen without my being forced to explain it in 20 or 30 separate conversations. Treatments often make me tired. When I do have the energy to talk to my loved ones, I often don’t want to monopolize the conversation with my issues.

Finally, I wanted to create an online journal. When I feel down in the dumps, I read over my posts right after my diagnosis and think about how far I’ve come since then. It has also allowed me to keep the time-frames of medications, procedures, and other events that I could refer to if the details got fuzzy over time.

By keeping a blog, I hope I have let others with the same disorder know that they are not alone or doomed. I have streamlined open dialogue with everyone in my life, and it has been invaluable as a record-keeping device.

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