Sunday, den 11. December 2011

There are many ways to attain a balanced diet but not everyone knows how to prepare healthy meals themselves.  Most people may not really have the skills in the kitchen and this is also one of the many reasons why most people skip breakfast or have breakfast on time.  One should know how to eat […]

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Thursday, den 17. November 2011

One must first learn to eat better food before crossing over to the realms of dieting.  Unless one masters the skill of observing a balanced diet, dieting can cause more harm than good.  The common misconception of people on the subject of dieting is relating it to starvation.  More often than not, people find themselves […]

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Sunday, den 6. November 2011

It has been said over a million times that we need to eat healthy to avoid chronic and debilitating diseases.  Today’s concern on several health issues have been heightened due to the increasing number of people who are overweight and obese.  In the US alone, about two thirds of the population has suffered from obesity […]

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