It is hard for some to immediately accept that our being is governed by the five elements of earth, fire, water, air, and space. To allow a yoga practitioner to improve his health condition, it is a must to understand how the law of nature works.  The five elements are also important as it is not just all about following yoga positions.  Yoga is also about being one with nature and understanding the flow of energy in our body as well as the external forces that affect it.   Those who are bound to taking a step ahead of controlling their lives and living it healthy, yoga is a holistic approach to reformation.

Like in the Hatha Yoga, the fundamental five energies play their own part in gaining balance in the body.  The earth energy represents the solid objects in nature such as our bones and muscles; while the air element encompasses the breathing contraction, expansion, and suppression which are practiced during the yoga positions.  The space element in yoga is refers to our consciousness and our existence.  It also involves our repulsion, fear, and emotions.  Thus, it is more of the spiritual level.

On the other hand, the fire energy transforms one matter into another and it affects in either regaining balance among the elements or in controlling the other energies.  Hence, it is also considered as the plasmic level where the other elements or energies entwine.  Yet it is important to have a balance among these elements to achieve a higher level of meditation wherein the body reaches its full energy potential.  Definitely, yoga exercise is not just all about sweating and eliminating our excess fats to lose weight.  Following yoga positions to heart helps you get fit and get in touch with your inner being.  Every element has a role in our bodily function and our body structure.

If the elements are impure and imbalanced, you are more susceptible to diseases because the immune system is in haywire.  When things become complicated and too toxic, some people take the opportunity to rearrange their lifestyle and take control of their health through exercises and proper diet.  One of the best exercises that can help you achieve balance is yoga and a lot of people have already been helped by the different techniques of yoga.  It is just a matter of starting the program and maintaining the right yoga poses to bring balance back into your body and mind.

Everyone dreams of sporting a fit and firm body yet without the pain from muscle injury and improper diet.  When I say everyone, I refer to men and women, young and old, rich and poor (well you get the gist) and the like.  I mean, if it’s possible then why not right?  Who, in their right minds would want to be fat and suffer the consequences of health complications, ridicule, and low self esteem for having an XXL size?  But how exactly can we achieve a pouch free belly and have six pack abs instead without suffering from muscle injuries?  How exactly do we eliminate fats and tone muscles right?  These are the questions that we should be asking ourselves before we embark on any exercise program or follow diet tips from anyone.

There’s always a proper way of doing things especially with stretching.  In the realms of exercising, one cannot just start working out to tone muscles without knowing what precautionary measures to employ.  There is always the risk of muscle injury when exercise is not done correctly or when you over exert yourself beyond what your body is capable of.  Worst case scenario is when you injure yourself permanently.  If muscle injuries happen, you’re never going to get that firm body you have been vying for in the span of time you were hoping.  Here are a few things to keep in mind before delving into any form of exercise.

First off, before getting into action, make sure that you don’t skip your warm ups to avoid muscle injury.  I have seen lots of people who take warm up exercises for granted and ended up with pulled hamstring and torn ligaments.  Warming up gets your body prepared for the real action and avoid muscle injuries and bone fractures.  This is crucial if one wishes to tone muscles.  Next off, watch what you eat.  Exercising alone will not give you a firm body.  You need to compliment it with proper nutrition.  Do away with junk food and load up on healthy food.

Finally, if you plan on enrolling to any instructor-led program like yoga, pilates, aerobics and the like, make sure that the instructor had proper training and knows what he’s doing.  For instance, a lot of people nowadays think that just because they took up a summer workshop for dance, they already have the right to become a dance instructor.  Who knows what they will be teaching you so be sure they know how to prevent muscle injury by checking the steps and routines they have included in the exercise program.  Do not entrust your body’s safety and welfare to any fly by night instructors and keep away from muscle injuries due to improper training programs.  Like everything else in life, know what you’re doing before investing in anything.

Drug rehab is not an easy thing for both the patient and the support system.  Addiction recovery has been proven to be very hard and challenging.  When an individual falls into drug addiction, he loses control over himself.  He starts doing things which he normally would not do.  Even the meekest of all people you know can turn into a violent person capable of killing another human being when under the influence.  Drug addiction is part of the reason why crime rates have been going up all over the globe.  Ending this unfortunate tragedy is just as important as helping those who have fallen victim into recovery.

Drug rehab is a long process.  Addiction recovery is very hard to achieve to the person who have fallen into the plight of drug addiction.  Some people eventually make it through but fall back into the habit not long after recovery.  This is one of the many worst things that can happen.  Another worst case scenario that may arise from this is self destruction.  If the support system is going about supporting the wrong way, it might do the patient more harm than good.  In the end, your loved one would fall deeper into the pit of no return.  A thing to consider during the entire process of addiction recovery is the family’s involvement.

During the entire process of addiction recovery, one of the most crucial decisions to make would have to be the choice of a drug rehab center.  One must ensure that the rehabilitation center chosen offers quality programs and well trained professional.  The people whom you will be entrusting your loved one’s life to must know what they are doing.  One mistake from these professionals could ruin the patient’s life forever.  Misdiagnosis and wrong treatment/ technique / strategy used unto the patient could really mess up the patient’s recovery.

As previously stated, the patient is not the only individual affected.  The family members as well are part of the entire process, both as victims and as a support system.  A lot of programs offer help and counseling to those who have loved ones undergoing addiction recovery.  Indeed, drug addiction is no easy thing to get away from.  If the people concerned do not thoroughly understand what is happening and what is at stake, then everyone concerned is in great risk of failing.  One must know the ins and outs of the entire system.  Awareness is the key.

Most of us strive to eat better food from time to time in order to live a long healthy life even during our old age.  If you are planning to live a better life instead of wasting away as time goes by then eating nutritious food and keeping a balanced diet are the way to go.  With the busy lives that we are living in the present times, keeping a healthy lifestyle is close to impossible in most people’s standards.  This should not be the case.

Maintaining a balanced diet, exercising and choosing the right kind of food is not really as hard as it seems.  The mistake that most people make is that they shock themselves into doing a hundred eighty switch once they have decided to keep a healthy lifestyle.  Now if you have always been used to ordering pizza or take outs, then doing a hundred eight degree turn would just be sheer torture.

It is not wise to do an instant upheaval to one’s lifestyle.  If you are planning on living a better life, do so in a timely manner.  If you are to eat better food, by all means do.  However, do not do it in such a way that your present lifestyle would collapse.  Make sure that when you do the change, you would still feel good, physically, emotionally and mentally at the end of the day.  Small baby steps are proven to be effective so long as you are consistent.

Gradually allow yourself to adjust to the new diet and lifestyle that you are going for in order to live a better life.  Give yourself time to adapt to the change until it eventually becomes a habit.  When you start to eat better food, make a mental note not to do this abruptly.  Start by slowly doing away with what is considered “junk” and “unhealthy” in your current food pyramid.  You can start by gradually substituting one bad food with a good food, one at a time.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is.  There is a catch on this approach.  Once you have done away with the “bad” food, promise yourself that you will stick with it.  Consistency, commitment and discipline are the key ingredients to this formula.  Once you have gotten used to it, It should be a piece of cake.

Almost everyone nowadays wants to get into fitness programs or yet plans to get started.  Jogging and running are among two of the most chosen form of exercise by many.  Regardless of the exercise that one may have chosen, the important thing is consistency and proper execution.  One cannot just decide to join an exercise program and eventually drop out the next day. That kind of mentality will get anybody nowhere.  Consequently, one must also observe proper form or execution in order to avoid injury.  Take for example, as what any exercise expert would say, warming up before doing the hard stuff is imperative to get the entire body ready for action.

As previously stated, physical fitness is slowly becoming a necessity in our lives.  What with the fast rising rate of obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and other serious medical conditions caused by unhealthiness.   Good thing that we are given access to so many modes of exercise.  It comes in different forms and methods too.  For the more outdoorsy type of people, one can choose from biking, jogging, running, wall climbing, Frisbee throwing, beach volleyball and so much more.

On the other hand, some people prefer to exercise indoors and instead go to the gym or enroll to instructor led fitness programs such as dancing, martial arts, yoga, Pilates and the like.  If you notice, the different exercise types are either just for plain exercising while others are sporty in nature.  If one wishes to engage in getting fit, there is no reason why he cannot do so unless if he is unwilling to.  Money is not even an issue.  Biking might require the biker to spend for the bike but running and jogging are totally free.

As long as the individual’s goal is to become physically fit, he can choose, do and pick from the hundred of selection there is available as long as he sets his mind to it.  Physical fitness though is not the only thing that matters.  Every individual should remember that along with it, one must also work with achieving mental, emotional, psychological, financial and spiritual fitness as well.  In order to achieve the ultimate fitness, one should keep a balance among all aspects of his life.

The African Mango has become quite a sensation in the world of dieting lately.  It is said that the extracts from the seed of African Mangoes are the main ingredient in making weight loss possible.  Let me ask you though, how much do you know about the African Mango?  At first glance, I personally thought that the African Mango was just like any other mango. Well technically it is, in terms of it being a fruit and all.  What makes it special is that the African Mango extract, also known as Irvingia Gaconensis, which comes from its seed, provides so many health remedies which are close to being astonishing.

The African Mango is grown and can only be found in one place which is in the western part of Cameroon, Africa.  African Mangoes are also referred to as Dikka Nuts by the locals of its birth place.  Most of us might just have gotten across getting to know this wondrous fruit with its remarkable health benefits and all but the locals in Cameroon have been able to take advantage of its wonders for way over a hundred years now.   There are several African Mango products out there that claim to be the most effective solution to weight loss.

The amazing thing is, both the Dikka Nuts (the fruit itself) and the Irvingia Gaconensis (the African Mango extract) have their own respective medicinal contributions.   African Mangoes are known to be good in fighting high cholesterol.  In the subject of weight loss, the African Mango aids in speeding up the body’s metabolism.  A higher more efficient metabolism translates to more fats and calories being burned.  Aside from that, it also boosts the level of oxidation towards our fats.  This means that our bodies are given jolts of additional energy making us feel refreshed, alive and ready to rumble.  In short, it’s an intrinsic way of alleviating stress.

What everyone must keep in mind though is that even if it has already been proven that the African Mango does wonders in weight loss, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every brand that claims it is legit.  It is always still advisable to check the effectiveness of the one you will be investing on first.

How often do we hear people complain for being low weight for not getting enough calories?  How often do we hear people complain for being skinny even when they are already loading up on carbs?  Not really that much right?  We usually hear people gripe on being overweight.  We usually see people hitting the gym, going to yoga classes, enrolling to spin class, going jogging, and starving themselves plus all other desperate measures to lose weight.  Wouldn’t we just kill to possess the amazing gift of being able to eat as much as we like, anytime we want to without getting fat?  That’s most probably the ultimate dream of every person wanting to lose weight.

What we are not really aware of is that there are also several people out there who are suffering from being low weight and underweight.  Most of the time, this is caused by an inherent medical condition.  The most common reason for this though is a low supply of calories to the body.  If such is the case, you might want to look into the diet that you are following.  It is possible that the diet you have does not give you the appropriate amount of energy that your body needs.

Energy comes in the form of calories.  If you are low weight, it usually follows that you won’t have energy to function properly.  The formula is very simple.  You need energy to possess energy to give off energy.  The more energy or calories you have, the higher your ability to move, function and be productive therefore the higher your ability to burn off fats.  On the other side of the plate, overweight people become overweight because their bodies are full of calories, ergo stored energy, but don’t give off that much energy.  In short, they do not capitalize on the abundant supply of energy that they possess.  The case with low weight people is that they are lacking this abundance of calories that overweight people have.

If you fall in the underweight category, it is advisable that you switch to a balanced diet.  Consult a nutritionist for advice on what type of food is best for your condition.  Check your eating habits if it’s what’s causing you to be underweight.  Zap out emotional stress as much as possible.  Being underweight is not something that you can just take lightly (pun intended).  It is as much as a problem with being overweight.

Studies show that obesity or being over weight is linked to diabetes.   More or less ninety percent of those who are suffering from diabetes are also suffering from the inconvenience of being obese.  When one is weighing more than he should, a lot of functions in our body’s system is affected.  It disrupts the natural process of our body’s aptitude in keeping the glucose level in our blood regulated.  This is why diabetic people require the administration of insulin to supply the right amount of sugar into their cells.  When this happens, the individual becomes more prone to putting on extra weight.  Rationale being that the cells would then be soaking up more glucose.

Aside from it being hereditary, obesity is also affected with our age as well as our lineage.  The quality of the lifestyle we lead has also become a major factor in being over weight.  In the modern era that we live in together with the convenience that technology has been giving us, our lifestyles has somewhat become shall we say, lazy, dormant and stagnant.  Let’s face it, with the progress of technology, electronics and the like, we have become more and more spoilt than ever.

The act of doing anything laborious is close to being repugnant.  Why take the flight of stairs when we can take the elevator?  Why walk when there is a conveyor?  Why go through all the effort of cooking a home cooked meal or taking a trip out of the house to eat when we can just order take out?  The convenience that modern life brings is taking a toll to our health causing numerous people to become over weight.

Obesity can best be avoided through an increase in physical activity and a decrease in poisoning our bodies with junk food.  Especially if we have it in our genes, all the more for us to exercise caution in choosing the type of food that we eat.  If you are not sure of which ones are good for your body, do not hesitate to visit a nutritionist and have a chart set up for you.  Staying in shape is not an easy task.  However, with the right amount of determination, willpower and commitment, it becomes an easy rode to take.

Nutrition is the key to a healthy mind, body and lifestyle.  So many of us forget the importance of getting the proper nourishment to our bodies as we get so engrossed with what we consider as the more important things in life such as our performance at work, our relationship with friends, our responsibilities to our families, paying the bills and the like. At the back of our minds we are thinking we are too busy making sure that we have a roof over our heads and that there is food on the table to bother thinking about our health.  At times it is even ironic how some people go to great lengths just to diet and make sure that there is not an ounce of flab in their bodies yet forego the real essence of health per se.

It is important to keep in mind that without proper nutrition, keeping a healthy body is close to impossible if not at all.  Proper nutrition translates to good energy.  The same energy we need in order for us to function with our daily tasks and the very same energy we need for us to exercise and burn off unwanted calories.  If we fall into the traps of incorrect dieting, we will be doing our bodies a grave injustice by depriving it with the much needed vitamins and minerals.

Staying healthy and observing correct and reasonable nutrition as it should be does not always have to be neither extensive nor inconvenient.  We can always find a way to work with it and make it a part of our daily routine to the point of it becoming a habit.  The same principle goes to healthy food.  More often than not, our view on a food tasting either good or bad is psychological.  We are biased to think that healthy food tastes awful.  Such is not always the case.  On the same level, we are also predisposed to think that with our busy schedules, we no longer have time to eat better.  This is probably the most foolish frame of mind in the field of nutrition.  So foolish that it doesn’t deserve any further elaboration.

We should consider nutrition as part of our basic needs.  Without it, everything else around can crumble down without us even realizing it.  A malnourished body cannot and will not be able to give off productive output.

One must first learn to eat better food before crossing over to the realms of dieting.  Unless one masters the skill of observing a balanced diet, dieting can cause more harm than good.  The common misconception of people on the subject of dieting is relating it to starvation.  More often than not, people find themselves resorting to the likes of diet pills, diet coffee, diet tea and all other methods that promise instant results.  Such destructive practices can cause serious damage to a person’s body.  The easy way is usually the wrong way.  This is why one must be careful when setting out to go on a diet.

Dieting shouldn’t be done in such a way that it would disturb the body’s health and well being.  It should motivate people to eat better quality food (as well as exercise).  It doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult and life changing.  In fact, we can do it in such a way that it fits our current lifestyle.  Here are a few tips I have picked up from a nutritionist which proves to be very effective.

To begin with, keeping a food diary is very helpful.  Jotting down every piece of food that goes into our mouth in this diary can help us closely monitor the types of food we have been eating.  It makes it easier for us to spot our patterns in the subject of dieting and eat better the next time round.  Next off, we must never forego breakfast.  As the famous line goes, for breakfast eat like a king, for lunch, eat like a prince and finally for dinner eat like a pauper.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It gives us the energy to function properly during the day.  Without this energy, we cannot move fast and thus burn more calories.  Moving on to tip number three, try not to eat in haste.  This would allow you to enjoy your food more and prevent you from eating too much.  Again, this doesn’t mean that you starve yourself.  This tactic may seem a bit tedious at first but later on, you will get used to it.