Monday, den 2. April 2012

The process of dieting is not a uniform to all who want to lose weight. The hcg diet plan may work perfectly for one individual; however, it may fail to bring the expected results to someone who is severely obese. The hcg weight loss program was created by Dr. Simeons who observed several calorie deficient […]

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Sunday, den 11. December 2011

There are many ways to attain a balanced diet but not everyone knows how to prepare healthy meals themselves.  Most people may not really have the skills in the kitchen and this is also one of the many reasons why most people skip breakfast or have breakfast on time.  One should know how to eat […]

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Saturday, den 10. December 2011

Good nutrition is important to everyone; however, children need more attention when it comes to choosing their food.  Parents play a vital role in teaching their children about eating healthy and having good nutrition.  Fortunately, a lot of food sources are now available for children to maintain their dialy dietary requirements of protein, carbs, vitamins, […]

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Friday, den 9. December 2011

Not all people are given with a healthy body from birth.  There are people and especially children who are struggling with some health disorders and ailments.  These are the group that needs medical assistance from day one.  Some of them have mental problems in which their level of intelligence takes so much time for them […]

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Thursday, den 8. December 2011

Regular exercise and eating right are two of the most important rules to go by if you want to prevent heart disease and other debilitating diseases.  Most people make the mistake of taking their eating habits for granted during the early years.  Most of us don’t start panicking until old age starts creeping in and […]

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Tuesday, den 6. December 2011

Office workers and students need more energy to get through the daily mental challenges at work and in school.  These are also the groups that are easily affected by mental fatigue due to the demand of their daily activities.  It is really hard for these individuals to just skip breakfast especially the office workers since […]

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Monday, den 5. December 2011

There are a few strategies you can keep to start improving your health.  There are sites that provide support for diets but it is much better to have a physical trainer for those who are having trouble following instructions online or on magazines.  You will get better diet help of a personal trainer is able […]

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Sunday, den 4. December 2011

Sometimes I get tired about hearing people wanting to improve their health through dieting and exercise.  Overweight and malnutrition are just simply two common issues that have been around for more than a couple of decades and still people do not seem to learn.  Although there are several diets introduced in the past, most of […]

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Saturday, den 3. December 2011

The brain is a complex organ that requires nutrients and enough rest to function better.  That is why it is essential to eat better to avoid getting exhausted during activities that require brain power and too much thinking.  Analytical exams especially problem solving tests in math can really subject the brain to stress as you […]

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Friday, den 2. December 2011

Improving our health by getting in shape and maintaining proper nutrition can be achieved in a month’s time.  However, it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to keep your energy level at the top.  There are individuals who may have trouble staying fit due to a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet.  The two […]

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