Canadian Health Foods

When it comes to food and fine dining, Canada has a distinct identity that sets it apart from the rest. The country has been home to several cultures that have influenced its tradition, eating habits and food preferences. So, whether you are looking for some French elements or Chinese aspects, Canadian food will not disappoint you. Montreal, Vancouver and Newfoundland have some very exciting options for all kinds of people. There are numerous well known restaurants and eateries where you get to select the best type of food available.

Despite being the cultural melting pot of the world, Canada has a rich legacy when it comes to cooking. Right from its famed maple syrups to smoked salmons, Canadian cuisine is delectable and hard to resist. The Canadian back bacon, for instance, is widely popular for its rich and distinct flavors. Likewise, poutine is a very famous dish that has originated from Quebec. The French influence is also noticeable particularly in the dips and fries.

According to Canadian health experts, availability of seafood and herbs makes it easier for people to lead a better life. Furthermore, Canadian foods and cooking styles vary from one province to another. The prairie province for instance, is known for its grains and wheat. As for desserts, the west coast is the best place to be in. Nanaimo bar, made from chocolate, vanilla and wafer is a delectable delight enjoyed by people of all ages.

It is quite interesting to note that while there is nothing particularly unique about Canadian food, it blends different flavors together to appeal to everyone. Even the Chinese and Indian food available here differs a lot from the traditional cuisines. This illustrates how experimental Canadian cooking is and why tourists get to savor food from different parts of the world here.

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