The Battle With Obesity And Being Overweight

May 2015
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Studies show that obesity or being over weight is linked to diabetes.   More or less ninety percent of those who are suffering from diabetes are also suffering from the inconvenience of being obese.  When one is weighing more than he should, a lot of functions in our body’s system is affected.  It disrupts the natural process of our body’s aptitude in keeping the glucose level in our blood regulated.  This is why diabetic people require the administration of insulin to supply the right amount of sugar into their cells.  When this happens, the individual becomes more prone to putting on extra weight.  Rationale being that the cells would then be soaking up more glucose.

Aside from it being hereditary, obesity is also affected with our age as well as our lineage.  The quality of the lifestyle we lead has also become a major factor in being over weight.  In the modern era that we live in together with the convenience that technology has been giving us, our lifestyles has somewhat become shall we say, lazy, dormant and stagnant.  Let’s face it, with the progress of technology, electronics and the like, we have become more and more spoilt than ever.

The act of doing anything laborious is close to being repugnant.  Why take the flight of stairs when we can take the elevator?  Why walk when there is a conveyor?  Why go through all the effort of cooking a home cooked meal or taking a trip out of the house to eat when we can just order take out?  The convenience that modern life brings is taking a toll to our health causing numerous people to become over weight.

Obesity can best be avoided through an increase in physical activity and a decrease in poisoning our bodies with junk food.  Especially if we have it in our genes, all the more for us to exercise caution in choosing the type of food that we eat.  If you are not sure of which ones are good for your body, do not hesitate to visit a nutritionist and have a chart set up for you.  Staying in shape is not an easy task.  However, with the right amount of determination, willpower and commitment, it becomes an easy rode to take.

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