Handling Children Who Need Medical Assistance

May 2015
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Not all people are given with a healthy body from birth.  There are people and especially children who are struggling with some health disorders and ailments.  These are the group that needs medical assistance from day one.  Some of them have mental problems in which their level of intelligence takes so much time for them to analyze, process, and receive information.  Children who have these disabilities may rely on medications, vitamins, and other health supplements to keep their other body functions working.  However, there is really no cure to some of the mental and physical problems affecting children.  Some of the least fortunate children do not even have the opportunity to attend school.

Children with learning issues should be given special attention as they are mostly the ones who also need medical assistance as their learning disability can also come with other illnesses.  They should be given enough time to learn and understand things while parents and teachers should have the patience to help these children gain confidence and self-esteem.  A child with health problems has the tendency to lack concentration and focus.  Health supplements and vitamin-enriched dairy products should also form part of their diet to nourish them with nutrients.  A balanced diet can provide these children with the proper nutrition that can give them relief from their diseases.

Most of children’s diseases today are also caused by malnutrition especially when they are developing inside the womb.  It is important for pregnant women to also maintain a balanced diet and include vitamins and nutrients such as iron, folate, protein, beta carotene, vitamin C, calcium, and many others.  There are also beverages and milk products formulated for pregnant women to get sufficient vitamins and minerals if their diet lacks certain nutrients.  Every pregnant woman should also avoid eating too much fatty foods and instead focus on getting sustenance from fish, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.  It is not recommended to just rely on health supplements and bottled vitamins as it is still best to get these nutrients right from the source.  Pregnant women should also avoid smoking and drinking acidic and alcoholic beverages to foster the development of their babies and to avoid the need of constant medical assistance for their child as they grow up.

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