Preventing A Debilitating Heart Disease

May 2015
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Regular exercise and eating right are two of the most important rules to go by if you want to prevent heart disease and other debilitating diseases.  Most people make the mistake of taking their eating habits for granted during the early years.  Most of us don’t start panicking until old age starts creeping in and until high blood pressure is on the reading.  As what our elders used to say, prevention is the cure.  Majority of us fail to realize the importance of getting proper nourishment and living right.  When we look around us, we can see so many malnourished people.  When we say “malnourished”, do not be deceived with the stereotype that it has fallen into. Malnourished people are not just limited to those who are suffering from obesity.  Don’t forget, anorexia is a disorder.  Undernourished people still do fall under the category of malnourishment yet they just lack the quantity of food needed to sustain the body’s functions.

It goes without saying that as we grow older, preventing heart disease by eating right becomes more challenging.  What with all the fast food chains sprouting left and right, it’s hard to prevent a high blood pressure during check-ups.  And let’s not forget the rapid growth of the internet and video games which makes staying at home during weekends perfectly attractive compared to exercising.  Our eating habits and sedentary life have made the doctor quite busy for some time now.  For most people who want to enjoy life, the two principles of balanced diet and regular exercise become a hindrance, or shall we say, an afterthought.  Subconsciously, it seems to denote a feeling of squareness and confinement.  Such should not be the case if you value your well being.

Staying healthy and preventing heart disease don’t have to be a pain in the behind.  There are several ways for us to incorporate these principles in our lifestyle.  We need not wait until the meter says high blood pressure.  It all just needs a little getting used to.  It’s a matter of mindset.  Healthy food does not necessarily connote blandness or tastelessness.  There are so many recipes for your choosing from cook books to online entries in the internet.  It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you must limit yourself to just sticking with what is considered healthy or nutritious. It’s ok to be naughty from time to time as long as you do not overdo it.

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