What African Mango Should You Take?

May 2015
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The African Mango has become quite a sensation in the world of dieting lately.  It is said that the extracts from the seed of African Mangoes are the main ingredient in making weight loss possible.  Let me ask you though, how much do you know about the African Mango?  At first glance, I personally thought that the African Mango was just like any other mango. Well technically it is, in terms of it being a fruit and all.  What makes it special is that the African Mango extract, also known as Irvingia Gaconensis, which comes from its seed, provides so many health remedies which are close to being astonishing.

The African Mango is grown and can only be found in one place which is in the western part of Cameroon, Africa.  African Mangoes are also referred to as Dikka Nuts by the locals of its birth place.  Most of us might just have gotten across getting to know this wondrous fruit with its remarkable health benefits and all but the locals in Cameroon have been able to take advantage of its wonders for way over a hundred years now.   There are several African Mango products out there that claim to be the most effective solution to weight loss.

The amazing thing is, both the Dikka Nuts (the fruit itself) and the Irvingia Gaconensis (the African Mango extract) have their own respective medicinal contributions.   African Mangoes are known to be good in fighting high cholesterol.  In the subject of weight loss, the African Mango aids in speeding up the body’s metabolism.  A higher more efficient metabolism translates to more fats and calories being burned.  Aside from that, it also boosts the level of oxidation towards our fats.  This means that our bodies are given jolts of additional energy making us feel refreshed, alive and ready to rumble.  In short, it’s an intrinsic way of alleviating stress.

What everyone must keep in mind though is that even if it has already been proven that the African Mango does wonders in weight loss, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every brand that claims it is legit.  It is always still advisable to check the effectiveness of the one you will be investing on first.

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